Our History

Wake Forest University’s bands have a rich history full of change and growth.  Founded in 1903 with 11 students, our traditions are still strong today in the Spirit of the Old Gold and Black (SOTOGAB). Many people have shaped this outstanding athletic band program.

Mrs. Barbara Trautwein (affectionately known as “Mzeztee”) came to Wake Forest in 1982 to teach general music education and was appointed Director of Bands in 1985.  She held this position for 2 years and in that time, changed and strengthened the program immensely.  Mrs. Trautwein is responsible for the current arrangement of O Here’s to Wake Forest (Fight Song) and Dear Old Wake Forest (Alma Mater).  Additionally, she created the first Basketball Pep Band for Women’s basketball games and has been a mentor/Advisor for the SOTOGAB for numerous years.  Mzeztee was also the assistant Band Director to Dr. Kevin Bowen after his arrival at Wake Forest as Director of Bands in 1994.  Today, Dr. C.Kevin Bowen remains the Director of Bands and works closely with Dr. Brandon E. Robinson who is the Associate Director of Bands for the SOTOGAB. Dr. Bowen, Dr. Robinson, and Mzeztee have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the Wake Forest Athletic Bands and lead a professional staff that assists with the operation of the SOTOGAB.  

The name SOTOGAB” was coined by former Associate Director, Mr. Philip R. Morgan who served Wake Forest from 2007-2014.

Over time, the SOTOGAB has become a close-knit family of students that perform the best of music and depend on one other.  In order to continue our excellence, the Kappa Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity, was re-charted in 2010 after being inactive for 10 years.  Kappa Kappa Psi has assisted the SOTOGAB in many ways and will continue to further the band program’s progress for years to come.

“We’ll herald the story, and die for her glory, Old Gold and Black is ever-waving high!”