Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SOTOGAB?

SOTOGAB (or Spirit of the Old Gold and Black) is official name of the Wake Forest University Athletic Bands,
which includes the following: the WFU Marching Band, the WFU Basketball Pep Band, and any tournament
pep bands representing Wake Forest.

2. How can I join SOTOGAB?

Hopeful members can join SOTOGAB by filling out our “New and Returning Member Forms.” These are
usually made available online by the middle of the summer prior to marching season (if not before). Keep
checking our home page’s “News and Announcements” section for more details, or go to the “Contact Us”
tab to have more specific questions answered.

3. What makes SOTOGAB unique?

Values: First of all, when you become a member of SOTOGAB, volunteer for us, and/or work with us
professionally, you will never, ever be reduced to just a number, face, or “X” on a drill chart.  You are a
unique individual with your own special talents and gifts. We place special emphasis on hard work,
dedication, teamwork, loyalty, and making what we do together both fun and memorable.

Culture: Here at Wake Forest University, our band program is designed to foster the development of close
friendships between people of all walks of life. For many of us,  SOTOGAB has become a “second family”
that we can enjoy and rely on for academic, social, and musical support. We are dedicated to each other,
music, and the motto “Pro Humanitate” like no one and nothing else. This is why we all  share and show “A
Passion that Defies Explanation.”

Tradition:  Huddling around the BB&T Field’s Demon Deacon statue,  hugging each other while singing our
alma mater (“Dear Old Wake Forest”), and eating together before games are just a few of the many traditions
that sets SOTOGAB apart from other college-level athletic band programs. SOTOGAB is also the
oldest athletic band program of its kind in North Carolina. Since its founding in 1903, our uniforms,
members, and staff, and size have all changed, but the passion remains.

Excellence: Come wind, rain, or sunshine, all of us in SOTOGAB consistently give our best effort to grow
musically and entertain the Demon Deacon fanbase. We also help our students discover and reach their
true potentials by having them play challenging music and take on leadership roles. Our group’s achieve-
ments as a whole, then, come from us pushing each and every student to grow.

4. What benefits and opportunities does SOTOGAB offer its members?

In exchange for their participation in SOTOGAB, students will receive free admission to Demon Deacon
football games, free transportation to away football and men’s basketball games, free transportation to
Tourney events, and monetary stipends for longer trips.

Plus, as mentioned above, we focus on team-building and professionally developing each student’s
talents. This means that each can earn positions on our Student Operational and Music Staffs, gain
hands-on experience in running music events (such as the USSBA National Band Competition), work
more closely on music and marching techniques with our professional staff, and more.

Regardless of year, dedicated and enthusiastic members may also qualify to join the Kappa Zeta Chapter
of Kappa Kappa Psi. Please be on the lookout for recruiting information as it comes up. In the meantime,
visit the “Kappa Kappa Psi” tab for more questions

5. Are most of the people in SOTOGAB music majors?

No. In fact, our members have been from nearly every academic department on Wake Forest’s Reynolda
Campus. This includes (but is not limited to) those studying Business, Accounting, Finance, Foreign
Languages, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Health Exercise Science, Humanities, and Studio Art. The
Music majors we have had have also been divided into the Music Performance and Music in Liberal Arts

6. Can people in SOTOGAB participate in other ensembles/music groups, too?

Yes! In fact, our members have been a part of the following music groups on campus:

Brass Fundamentals
Clarinet Choir
Concert Choir
Jazz I
Jazz II
Reynolda Guard
Wake Forest Independent
Wind Ensemble
Woodwind Doubling

7. When and where does SOTOGAB practice, perform, and play gigs?

Times and locations for gigs, performances, and practices are announced weekly by SOTOGAB’s
professional staff.

However, regular performances for Wake’s sports teams typically occur in two places: the BB&T Field
(football) and the Joel Memorial Coliseum (basketball). SOTOGAB practices at the Scales Fine Arts
Center and on Davis Field, as well as at BB&T Field when necessary.

8. When and where is transportation to band events available?

Both busing and carpooling typically occur at the Scales Fine Arts Center. Any other transportation-
related information will be sent out to students and volunteers via e-mail. (We’ll make sure you get to
where you need to be!)

9. How can parents, family members, friends, alumni, and others help SOTOGAB?

Please use this link to volunteer your time for SOTOGAB. For more specific questions on getting
involved, simply click on the “Contact Us” tab and ask away!

Is your question not listed? Email us at and let us know, and we will add it to the site.

Go Deacs!