Percussion Information

Below you will find the exercise packets that we will be using through the year. The “Drumline Fundamental Packet” is a very basic packet. These don’t NEED to be memorized but you NEED to be familiar with them all for when I call them out. This is a packet we will refer to work on certain rudiments or passages in the show music as needed. The “WFU Percussion Packet” is the main packet and NEEDS to be memorized. These exercises are the right out of the first packet but with added tenor arounds, bass splits, and mallet parts. Battery members need to visit the WFU music library online to download Double Beat 2004 and any show music that may be posted in the future. As far as battery numbers go, we will decide this after our placement “auditions” on day one of camp.

We will be having a front ensemble this year. These numbers may change but as of right now here is what we are looking at to give you an idea… 2 marimbas, 2 vibes, 1-2 synth players, drum set, and 1-2 rack players. Front ensemble members should ALSO download both packets. There ARE mallet parts in “WFU Percussion Packet” We may add more exercises later, a “lot” tune if you will.

Looking forward to have a great season! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Contact me at:

Information/Instructions File: WFU Placement Information

Packet #1: Drumline Fundamental Packet 2013

Packet #2: WFU Percussion Packet