Shared Experience – Salem College

Hello future Salem students!

Below is some very important information for you to consider as you get ready to participate in our Shared Experience Program through Salem College for the next four years.

As your fellow Demon Deacons and “sister school,” we are so excited that you are interested in joining our Athletic Bands program!  We encourage you to visit us on campus and/or go to the “Contact” tab to get in touch with us, should you need more information.

We hope to see you march and play with us soon!  Until then, good luck with all of your musical endeavors and as always, Go Deacs!


Dr. C. Kevin Bowen, Director of Bands


Excerpts from an interview with Salem College student Ellen Bryce:

Why should Salem Sisters join SOTOGAB?
Salem sisters should join SOTOGAB because it is a lot of fun! SOTOGAB has given me the opportunity to make numerous friends that I would have never met without it. In addition, leadership opportunities are available in the band for Salem sisters. One of the drum majors, Traci Lawrence, is a Salem student, as well as a number of others in top leadership positions. Doing SOTOGAB has also allowed me to participate in Kappa Kappa Psi, an honorary band fraternity, and to serve the band in whatever way possible. SOTOGAB has been the highlight of my college career and I can’t begin to imagine how terribly boring my life would be without it. I look forward to my next two years in band, and have had a really great two years thus far.

What will my time commitment look like?
SOTOGAB practices two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm, meaning only four hours of practice a week! Saturday Game Days are usually longer days, around 8 hours. SOTOGAB members only have to attend two travel games this year: one overnight and one day trip. Members can choose which away games they wish to attend, so they have some flexibility in the selection. Because of this, it is possible to manage band and a busy school schedule! I have overloaded on classes every semester and have still participated in SOTOGAB as well as Pep Band.

What perks does SOTOGAB have?
Doing SOTOGAB allows us to attend all of the home football games for free and to travel for games! We also do pep bands for basketball, volleyball, and tennis, which means free T-shirts (and sometimes free food)! We get the opportunity to participate in various Wake Forest events like Hit the Bricks, a cancer research fundraiser, and Project Pumpkin, a Halloween tradition.

How do we get to games/practice/band camp? (ie carpool, buses, etc.)
To get to practice, you can either drive yourself or carpool! Since there are quite a few people without cars, Salem sisters organize rides together, so we are all able to get over to Wake for band practice and band camp. If there is an activity planned after band camp, sections will coordinate rides so everyone can get where they’re supposed to be! For Game Days, individual sections arrange rides. Generally, a few people in each section will drive over to the stadium from Wake, so that will be figured out closer to Game Day. 

What do I need to bring to band camp and games?
For band camp, you should bring sunscreen, a hat, your instrument, a bottle of water, your music and drill chart (given to you when you check in), and a happy attitude! Meals are provided for the band, so you do not have to worry about food! For games, you should bring sunscreen, your instrument, your stand tunes music, your marching uniform (jacket, pants, black shoes, and shako), and your casual uniform (marching band t-shirt, SOTOGAB shorts, and ball cap). We are also fed during the game, so you should not have to worry about food! 

Is there any school-specific credit for band?
Because of the cross-registration process that Salem and Wake have, you can get credit for marching band from Salem.  Salem provides .25 credits for each year of marching band, so you can obtain 1 credit if you do it all four years.  The cross registration form is located here:  If you need any help filling it out, let me know! I would love to help you out!

Why band is worth all of the effort?
Band is worth all of the effort because it is a rewarding experience. I love being able to play my instrument and doing band has given me an outlet to do just that. I never thought that I would do band in college, but I am so glad that I did. I have made great friends and have been on T.V. a couple of times! Band is my family and it is worth the effort because of the love the students have for it.

How can I join the SOTOGAB, and when do I need to join by?
You join SOTOGAB by filling out the commitment form here.  The form is due by August 1st.

Note: If you are undecided or have any questions please contact the Recruitment Chair Adam Hoxie for more information.  His email address is and he would be more than happy to discuss anything band or Wake-related! You can also contact Ellen Bryce, the Salem Recruiter at

Go Deacs!