Shared Experience – Salem College

Hello future SOTOGAB members!

Below is some very important information for you to consider as you get ready to participate in our Shared Experience Program through Salem College for the next four years.

As your fellow Demon Deacons and “sister school,” we are so excited that you are interested in joining our athletic bands program!  We encourage you to visit us on campus and/or go to the “Contact” tab to get in touch with us, should you need more information.

We hope to see you march and play with us soon!  Until then, good luck with all of your musical endeavors and as always, Go Deacs!


Dr. C. Kevin Bowen, Director of Bands



Excerpts from an interview with Salem College  student Shelley Highfill (trombone):

Q: Why should a Salem Student join SOTOGAB?
Joining SOTOGAB as a Salem Sister allows for Wake Forest’s numbers to grow. Plus, Salem students like us enjoy the thrill of marching in an official ACC college band and becoming members of a fun, exciting band family.  As SOTOGAB members, we also get to move into our dorms early and really connect with our new Sisters before the entire campus arrives!  We only get 4 years to enjoy college marching band, and, thankfully, SOTOGAB is there for Wake, Salem, and Forstyh Tech, UNC Greensboro, and several other local schools.

Q: What will my time commitment look like?
Like any other extracurricular activity, SOTOGAB demands a good bit of time. However, what sets it apart from other college marching bands in its unique rehearsal schedule.  For class time, SOTOGAB only meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm (4 hours per week).  We also commit most Saturdays, but balancing it with your school, band, and social life is very doable.

Q: When is Band camp, and what does a typical day look like?
This season band camp is from August 15-August 24 with a typical daily schedule of:

9 a.m. – Noon: Field Rehearsal on Davis Field
Noon – 1 p.m.: Catered Lunch
1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.: Music Rehearsals
4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.: Dinner Provided
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.: Field Rehearsal

More detailed Band Camp information can be found here.

Q: What other perks does SOTOGAB have?
 Aside from getting a head start in bonding with your classmates, moving in early, and being a part of a wonderful group, we get into all games for free, prime seats, get free t-shirts and gear sometimes, and get paid to go to away games to cheer on the Deacs!

Q: How do we get to games/practice/band camp? (ie carpool, buses, etc.)
Since we are on a separate campus, it does take a bit longer for us to get to practice, but there are around 10 people that can drive and are willing to carpool.  We usually work out rides at the beginning of the season and stay in touch with each other as the season progresses.  Additionally, the band carpools to the stadium for each game, so getting from Salem to Wake is the only real concern. As Sisters, we take care of each other.

Q: What to bring to band camp and games?
Be sure you have sunscreen, but also remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, tennis shoes, water bottle, and some type of bag to carry everything in.  Also remember your instrument, unless you are borrowing one from the school.

Game days are basically the same, only you will bring your uniform, and lyre to those games!

Q: What are uniform/band camp fees used for?
The fee for new members is only $120 and covers everything you will need as a member of the marching band for the entire season.  Away games and bowl trips are completely paid for by the athletic department.

The fee pays for the following:
Black band shoes
SOTOGAB shorts

Uniform cleaning
Black gloves (games)
White gloves (Brass only, practice)

The above equipment is mandatory for all members and for every game, so paying dues is a must. (The fee goes down to $60 for veterans unless replacement gear is needed)

Q: Is there school-specific credit given for band?
Salem offers credit for SOTOGAB if this form is filled out. You will need to get your advisor and Dr. Lister-Sink (Music Department) to sign this during registration in August!  This form allows you to get .25 credit for SOTOGAB on Salem’s 1pt scale!

Q: Why band is worth all of the effort?
SOTOGAB is truly a family that you can turn to in the best and worst times!  I love hanging out with other members from any of the participating schools, and it is great to have a place to come together with a common love of music.  SOTOGAB is a lot of work, but the feeling of accomplishment after a kick-butt performance makes all the hard work worth it!

Q: Do you have directions to Scales?
 Directions from Salem College to Wake Forest University’s Music Building (Scales) using Google Maps are as follows:

  • Turn Right out of Salem College onto Academy St.
  • Continue onto Main Street
  • Cross bridge, and take left onto 1st Street
  • Turn right onto Cherry, Cherry will turn into University Pkwy
  • Continue 1 mile on University, then take Left onto Wake Forest Rd. (Wake Forest University is written in large letters by the Gate House.)
  • At the Stop Sign, turn right
  • Continue around the campus to an entrance to a large parking lot, Lot Q on the Right.
  • Follow the Parking Lot to the Left until you reach a large Brick Building (Scales Fine Art Center).

Park anywhere, and join SOTOGAB for an exciting season!

Q: How can I join the SOTOGAB, and when do I need to join by?
 If you are ready to commit to SOTOGAB please sign the commit form found at:

The form is due by August 1st.

Note: If you are undecided or have any questions please contact the Recruitment Chair Laura Flynn for more information.  Her email address is and she would be more than happy to discuss anything band or Wake-related! You can also contact Kaitlin Lewis, the Salem Recruiter at Go Deacs!