Wake Forest Students


Hello future Wake Forest students!

Below is some very important information for you to consider as you get ready to come to Wake Forest and call it home for the next four years.

As your fellow Demon Deacons, we are so excited that you are interested in joining our Athletic Bands program!  We encourage you to visit us on campus and/or go to the “Contact” tab to get in touch with us should you need more information.

We hope to see you march and play with us soon!  Until then, good luck with all of your musical endeavors, and as always, Go Deacs!


Dr. C. Kevin Bowen, Director of Bands


Excerpts from an interview with graduating Senior Laura Flynn:

Why should Wake Forest students join the SOTOGAB?
Being in the marching band is an amazing and truly unique experience. We are the best fans wherever we go and get the best seats at both Football games and Basketball games.  In this band, you will meet some of your best friends and have a wonderful time with everyone.

What will my time commitment to band look like?
The commitment to band is enough to get fantastic performances but not too much that it limits your involvement in other activities. Marching Band meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 p.m.  After practice, some groups from band also go eat dinner together.  On Saturdays, we arrive at the stadium approximately 4.5 hours before kickoff to have some time on the field, eat, relax a little, and then set-up for all the pregame festivities.

How will I get to the games? Will I have time to do other extracurricular activities, too?
Getting to the stadium is really easy because we carpool over there. Plus, members still have plenty of time to academics and for other passions.  Band members also participate in Greek life, club sports, academic clubs, and other activities.  Being in the band does not limit your time but simply adds to your college experience.

What other perks come from being in the SOTOGAB?
Being in the marching band counts for an hour credit, which provides a nice GPA cushion. Plus, joining the band gives you a huge advantage over most of the first-years as the week-long band camp provides the perfect opportunity to move into your residence hall early and explore the campus before it becomes crowded during Orientation Week.  Moving into the residence hall early is great because you automatically get the bunk of your choice!  Also, band camp is a great time to review marching techniques, or like some of our new members, learn how to march.

When is band camp, and what does a typical day at camp look like?
Band Camp begins one and a half weeks before classes start with a typical daily schedule of:

9 a.m. – Noon: Field Rehearsal on Davis Field
Noon – 1 p.m.: Lunch
1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.: Sectional and Full Band Music Rehearsals
4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.: Dinner
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.: Field Rehearsal

What should I bring to band camp?
Important things to bring to band camp are sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, your instrument (though instruments are provided through the school if needed), tennis shoes, water bottle, and a drawstring bag to carry everything in.  This is similar to what you should have on game days except that you will also need your marching band uniform, stand tunes, and a lyre or flip folder!

Where is band camp held, and how do I get there?
Scales Fine Arts Center (where everything music-related will occur) is building number 35, and can be found using this link:

Davis Field, where marching band practice is held, is right next to Scales.

How much does being in band cost, and what are my band dues used for?
The fee for new members is only $120 and covers everything you will need as a member of the marching band for the entire season.  Road games and bowl trips are covered by the university.

The fee pays for the following:
Black band shoes
SOTOGAB shorts
Black gloves
Uniform cleaning fee
Band Camp social activities fee

The above equipment is mandatory for all members and for every game, so paying dues is a must. Fees for veteran members are only $60 unless they need new gear.

How can I join the SOTOGAB, and when do I need to join by?
If you are ready to commit to the SOTOGAB please sign the commit form found here.

The form is due by August 1st.

Note: If you are undecided or still have questions please contact the Recruitment Chair, Adam Hoxie.  His email address is jointheband@wfu.edu and he would be more than happy to discuss anything band or Wake-related!